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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • Are your products vegan safe ?
    Nearly every product we produce is vegan friendly! Check our ingredients to see that our products are friendly for vegan, vegetarian and paleo (and other) lifestyles.
  • Are your products organic?
    While our products are not certified organic, we do use certified organic ingredients wherever possible. We do not make organic claims as there are very tight regulations around certifying claims for the word "organic". Many small-batch brands disregard these regulations, so when in doubt, ask to see their NOP and USDA certifications.
  • Are your products cruelty free and eco-sustainabe ?
    While we have not paid for certification, we go to great lengths to ensure all of our ingredients are sourced from reputable manufacturers/suppliers who ensure sustainability and cruelty free production. Our products are all produced in-house, and are never tested on animals.
  • What is Nature Capelli HNR Deep Conditioning Masks?
    Nature Capelli HNR is a fast acting, nutritious deep conditioning system and shower treatment. Infused with oils & vitamins. It's a deep treatment for the hair, capable to repair, restructure, hydrate, nourish, provide strength, growth, as well as shine and silkiness, depending on the assets with which it is combined.
  • What are the benefits of Nature Capelli HNR Deep Conditioning Masks?
    Nature has an intensive treatment for each type of hair, treating it specifically by combining it with other vitamins and minerals. Repair the Cocoa by incorporating matter into the cortex and sealing the hair cuticle, leaving you with strong, hydrated, vitalised, loose, silky, frizz-free hair with dazzling shine.
  • How often should I use Nature Capelli HNR Deep Conditioning Masks?
    It will depend on the damage of your hair, however it is advisable to use them at least once a week. You must observe the changes that you will get with the product and thus determine if you must rotate the use of the masks according to the needs of your hair. Got a question to add? Email us!
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