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  • HNR Capilary Schedule

    $75.00 Precio
    $71.25Precio de oferta
    •  Each hair is unique, therefore each one needs special care.

      The SECRET to having healthy hair is to have a hair care ROUTINE (CAPILLARY SCHEDULE).


      One of the best options for this comes from the Nature Capelli HNR line of intensive masks, consisting of 3 phases of the Capillary Schedule: 






      For all types of hair

      Suitable for damaged and dull hair, fighting against the fragility of the hair

      Lifeless and damaged hair in need of nourishment.

      Dull and weak hair in need of strength and growth

      Suitable for dry hair in need of nutrition




      • Reconstructs 
      • Restore hair fiber 
      • Stimulate healthy hair growth 
      • Provide resistance to hair 
      • Glitter 
      • Repair hair 
      • Keep hair nourished 
      • Provide intense hydration 
      • Control hair loss 
      • Rebuilds the hair fiber
      • Vegan formula
      • Shine
      • Free of sulfate, parabens, silicone, and petroleo 
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